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Re: How would you have written Kim

But Janeway was right.

Kim was a fool being used as a tool.

No, sorry, I mean Kim was a tool being used as a fool.

Diplomacy and medical science banned his illicit love affair with a duplicitous disease ridden terrorist.

What's worse?

Space Herpes or Space terrorism?

There was a health warning not to sleep with those people which the Doctor had not found reason as yet to contradict.

Would you fuck your way through a leaper colony damn the consequences just because you had an amputation fetish to satisfy?

He's lucky he didn't shit out his brain after that creepy iridescent infectious muck swinging strand to strand across her pubis grappled onto his love spuds and raised a barn to disco in.

It was a fricking HEALTH WARNING!

All this lust in space episode proved is that Kim's sack will betray the ship if a girl tickles it, and Kim more so than anyone else on Voyager needs to have his future girlfriends accredited and their references double checked by someone who can think with the brain above their shoulders to make sure they're not just assholes but hopefully not murderous villains either.
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