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Re: MLP:FiM S3E8 - "Apple Family Reunion" Grading & Discussion

I've seen the preview clips; they're adorable. I've decided I like seeing the episodes without commercials, so I'll probably avoid the live airing and catch it on youtube later.

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Applejack finally gets an episode devoted to her...
What, you mean Applebuck Season? Or The Last Roundup? judging from what's been released so far, I suspect this will be an episode more along the lines of Super Speedy Cider Squeezy or Family Appreciation Day if Applebloom were swapped out for Applejack. For whatever reason, Applejack episodes tend to turn into excuses for the writers to do ensemble shows -- which is fine by me, as I really like those kinds of stories, but I suspect we'll still be waiting for the definitive Applejack story after this.

I'm waiting to be proved wrong, of course.
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