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MLP:FiM S3E8 - "Apple Family Reunion" Grading & Discussion

Episode Title: "Apple Family Reunion"
Episode Air Date: Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 / 10:30 AM EST, The HUB

SUMMARY: "When Applejack is granted permission by Granny Smith to organize the upcoming Apple Family Reunion, she is thrilled at the opportunity but she soon loses focus of the important things in her haste to put together extravagant activities."


So here we go! Season 3, Episode 8 "Apple Family Reunion" is on it's way! Applejack finally gets an episode devoted to her, and I believem if I remember correctly, that she also gets a song! So you know the drill! If you catch it at air time, feel free to discuss, but no spoilers until after 3 PM!

Watch and Grade!
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