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CW plans for a new Robin Hood series

The network that successfully launched Arrow this year hopes to add another series based on the folk hero who inspired DC Comics’ Green Arrow: Robin Hood. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sherwood will focus on a young noblewoman who joins Robin Hood and his Merry Men in an effort to rescue her serf boyfriend being held captive by Normans.

Set in 1072, the pilot is written by Tze Chun, writer and director of Children of Invention and the upcoming Eye of Winter.

The CW also has projects based on Alice In Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow and even Wonder Woman in the works in an effort to continue building up their stable of dramatic action offerings. The network will decide how to move forward after getting a look at Chun’s finished script.

Young noblewoman? Why do I get the impression they are going with teens for this show?
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