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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

The thing is, is that his theories are no more sound than anyone elses. The 17th Cruiser classification went out the window when other ships of different types were shown.

I personally believe that the term Constitution-class means two things. The first one means the Constitution-class itself with the USS Constitution built first then the Enterprise and so on. Second term means that the Constitution-class is used as a umbrella classification that would describe older vessels being upgraded to the current technology of the Constitution to new builds of different classes (with different internals and mission requirements). Also, I think that during a certain era of Starfleet, the Federation Council didn't see a justification for a new class of ships to be built, and Starfleet Design Bureau just called any new class that is remotely similar to the Constitution-class and just called them additional units of the same class but upgraded. This type of bureaucracy is quite common when a department is depended on funds from a governing council. So the Eagle and the Constellation are Constitution-class starships in the eyes of the Council, but they should be classified in their own class.

The reason why the Enterprise went through different class names was because the ship survived different classification eras. Every navy does this and I see Starfleet should be no different.
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