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Re: Reality Show is Hilarious... Then Wrong, so Wrong.

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I hate reality shows so much that I don't even wanna watch a savvy spoof about reality shows!
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I'm sickened by reality tv, I've a few dozen friends who know their stuff. They have worked in music, theater, art, graphics, writing, choreography, DJ'ing etc and over the years as my career changed I've stayed friends with these arty people
and the general consensus when we all meet up every couple of months and go out for a drink and meal and reality tv becomes part of the discussion....the consensus is: RealityTv is the biggest laziest pile of bullsh*t ever to enter the entertainment industry
The majority of reality tv is mindless crap and sits nicely alongside anti-intellectualism, trash culture, trailer trash humor, sagging, bad rap(there is good rap out there), sagging and exploitation films
reality tv sucks

rant over
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