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Re: December 2012 Writing challenge: Gift of a Lifetime

Abstract: Gift of a Lifetime

Setting: Late in the Dominion War, original timeline. One epilogue spans many years after the war ends, using the setting in late TNG novels

Location: Centered on the Beelinger system, a pre-warp civilization on the Federation frontier far from the main theater of the Dominion War. The system became a major secondary battlefield in the war, ignored by most historians and studies on the confllct.

Plot: The Beelinger System had one significant attribute to the warring sides in the conflict. By researching captured Federation databases, the Dominion found the habitable planet of the system, Beelinger III, was perfect for the production of Ketracel White. An independent facility away from harm or the control of outside groups appealed to the Dominion, who conquered the system, enslaved the inhabitants, and started production.

In desperation the Beelie sent their brand-new fusion powered space ship on a one-way mission to find out if anyone could help them. Miraculously, a Federation vessel finds the craft, and the Dominion's secret came to light.

Starfleet immediately sets up a blockade of the system to keep the White and the Jem'Hadar in the system, and keep any Dominion ships trying to collect the narcotic out. The scratch-built task force enforcing the blockade made up of older and second-line ships of varying quality are mostly successful in their task, but pay a heavy price for doing it.

A veteran Starfleet Captain recently pulled off the line is assigned an experimental ship, a follow-on to the Defiant-class warship. Under orders to take his new command to reinforce the blockade of Beelinger, his life changes forever as does the situation in the system. How it changes is another matter.

Dramatis personŠ:

Eric Lysander, Starfleet Captain assigned the starship Basingna.

Akili Bona, Starfleet Commodore, commander of the task force blockading Beelinger. His force is stationed at Starbase 339, a pre-fabricated, modular starbase built for short-term habitation.

Starfleet Admiral, the first Arcadian Starfleet admiral and senior project manager of Basingna.

Phoebe McKizer, Starfleet captain, assigned to the Excelsior-class refit starship Trafalgar.

Skeller, Starfleet commander, Andorian Senior Tactical Officer (Tactical Boss) of Basingna, immediate supervisor of Lieutenant Commanders Yettle, Hollingshead, and others.

Phillip Leeds,
Starfleet Commander, First Officer of Basingna.

Rindi Moss-Morman, MD:
Starfleet commander, and CMO of Basingna.

Prefect of Beelinger,
Hereditary ruler of Beelinger III, with a mixture of political and military responsibilities.

Stewart Keely, Starfleet rank Lieutenant Commander, and assistant Tactical Officer on Basingna. After involuntary transfer to Trafalgar, is promoted to XO.

Alstopus Blaine, Starfleet Captain, commander of Defiant Wings 22 and 23 after death of Fleet Captain Velencie during attack into the Beelinger system.

Minor characters:

Lt. Dana Myers, Senior Communications officer Basingna.
Lt. Mason Cromadie, Lead helmsman, Basingna
Yeoman Matthew McDemott,
Starbase 339 Senior Officers' Mess supervisor.
Commander Jenny Roper, Chief Engineer and second officer, starship Trafalgar
Qxiille, Chief Engineer, Starbase 339.
Captain John Ryder, Commander starship Merrimack
Ensign Trell, Starbase Engineering Starbase 339
Unnamed Transporter Operators, security chief

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