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Re: TNG Caption This! 296: Closer to Punctuality!

Worf: I prefer the Klingon version of this game.
Data: I am unfamiliar with that game.
Worf: It's just like this, except without the table, dice, chips, money, etc.
Data: Then how can you compare the two?
Worf: I...sometimes I just say these things to see if anybody notices me...

Kurn: I should say something about the disrespect that redshirt in the back is displaying, but by Kahless, Worf looks like someone stuck a Bat'leth up his ass!

Wesley: I don't get it. They're always saying they want to be with someone nice and smart, but then a guy with no brains, big abs, and no respect for women walk by and I'm chopped liver.

Worf: The Klingons have an expression that suits this: be'pu' taH rop, which roughly translates as: Bitches be crazy.

Picard: Damn it, Geordi, we're trying to all turn dramatically on cue, like in those old TV show intros. If you can't get it right, I'm afraid we'll have to replace you with Worf.

Picard: One Direction? You seriously think they are the best boy band? No one will ever beat New Kids on the Block! No ONE! You hear me, Geordi, NO ONE!

Crusher: Come on Jean Luc, time to go lie down. Besides, everyone knows N'Sync is the best boy band ever!

Worf: I always preferred 98 Degrees...
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