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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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You're still Godwinning by attempting to associate gun control with the National Socialist regime of the Third Reich. You're trying to tie reasonable, rational safety measures in the wake of Newtown and other massacres to one of the most bloodstained dictatorships in human history.
And Dodd had the Nazi gun control act translated into English so we could base our 1968 act on it when we started having race-riots and inner city crime started getting out of contol.

If we're going to pull that little stunt then it might be interesting to point out that the Second Amendment to the Constitution was written and enacted in part by slaveholding bigots who didn't think women and blacks should have the right to vote or own property.

How does that taste?
What's more interesting is all the Southern tap-dancing in their court rulings, arguing that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to blacks, and that free blacks can be banned from possessing any type of weapon. This happened after a few slave revolts here and abroad. Prior to those, in many Southern states, even slaves could have guns. (Why would you spend all day hunting in the rain when you have a slave that can do that for you?)

Some much later court rulings on gun control measures explicitly state that "this law was never meant to apply to whites."
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