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How would you have written Kim

I just got through 'The Disease', and when Kim finally confronted Janeway but only to say 'YOU CAN'T STOP LOVE', I was pissed.

Here's the speech I would have made.

Captain, the Starfleet I joined was one where I'd have the freedom to lead my own personal life, I'd meet a lot of different people who I'd have the chance to know longer than a few days, and I'd have an opportunity for promotion and advancement. I could also leave whenever I wanted to, if I found out Starfleet wasn't for me. Seventy years of no prospects for anyone I can get close to, no freedom to do anything except exactly what I'm doing now, it's starting to feel less like a career and more like forced labor. I accept my fate without complaining, but I'm going to take any chance I can get to feel something, and if you want to throw me in the brig for that I don't even care anymore.

I wish they weren't so afraid to let their characters feel the strain of isolation, because it just seems so obvious to have Kim evolve in the direction to feel restrained and frustrated by his situation, and start evolving toward where Paris was at the beginning, at least for a while.
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