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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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You're still Godwinning by attempting to associate gun control with the National Socialist regime of the Third Reich. You're trying to tie reasonable, rational safety measures in the wake of Newtown and other massacres to one of the most bloodstained dictatorships in human history.

If we're going to pull that little stunt then it might be interesting to point out that the Second Amendment to the Constitution was written and enacted in part by slaveholding bigots who didn't think women and blacks should have the right to vote or own property.

How does that taste?
It's ironic that Connecticut is one of the states with an "assault weapons" ban, and has no AOT law. In fact, the CT legislature voted down just such a measure earlier this year which would have made it easier for Lanza to committ her son, and not be delayed with legal red tape... Red tape that may have allowed him time to snap and murder...

Connecticut has the fifth-strictest gun laws of all 50 states, a fact that did nothing to stop Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter. But it is one of only six states that lack an “assisted outpatient treatment” law, or AOT. Such a law allows a state to compel a mentally ill person to accept treatment if it has reason to suspect the person is in danger of doing harm to himself or others. It applies only if the person has a history of violence, incarceration, or hospitalizations resulting from problems related to mental illness.

This spring, a modified AOT law was debated in the Connecticut legislature. It would have allowed people with psychiatric problems to be medicated if without such treatment they would put themselves or others in harm’s way.

The proposal didn’t even make it out of the state senate’s Judiciary Committee after it was fiercely opposed by the ACLU and state mental-health bureaucrats. “If this went through, I think this would be a significant step backward for the state,” testified Patricia Rehmer, Connecticut’s commissioner of mental health. The Connecticut Mirror reported that “she worries that [an AOT law] would backfire, breaking down the opportunity for a respectful relationship and leading to more difficulty engaging” the mentally ill.

Since two-thirds of recent mass murderers have exhibited signs of mental illness observable to others before their crimes, we might do better to worry about the ways in which doing too little to track and treat the mentally ill can “backfire.” Properly medicated, the mentally ill on the whole are no more prone to commit violence than the rest of the population. Untreated, they can be ticking time
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