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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

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It won't last. And fixing this would be a decent way to fix the marriage, too.
No matter what Steve Wacker says, I don't think this will be a permanent status quo. Eighteen months to two years. Probably around the time ASM2 comes out, it will be reverted.
Honestly I think it might be too confusing to be permanent

More confusing than Peters Clone returning from 5 years in exile running from his other grumpier clone only to discover that he Ben Reilly is the real Peter Parker and not Peter Parker and that he is the rightful heir to the Spider-Man legacy, so Peter walks away and hands over the tights to some guy he's tricked into thinking isn't a clone?

How does this impact on May Parker, the Spider-Girl of the Future?

Are we supposed to believe now that all through her ten years of adventures that her father by her her side was and always had been Otto Octavius?
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