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Re: Just watched Clara's first scene (spoilers)

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Despite being clones, Sontarans seem to self-identify as male and have a long history of showing contempt toward females of other species. Presumably they must've originally reproduced normally before turning themselves into a clone race (and there's a comic-book story that supports that), and the creators of the clones must've considered females unworthy and created an all-male clone race that inherited that misogyny.
Or just that, when the war began and they moved over to cloning as a form of total mobilisation (that's how their creator Robert Holmes always put it, saying that the Sontarans had a marvellous culture in terms of literature, song, the lot, but they'd just put luxuries like that on hold for the duration of the war) - they had a culture where women didn't fight on the frontline, if at all. The Sontaran generals may even have felt that it was a kindness, saving the fairer sex from having to endure all the unpleasantness of the next few years (/centuries/millennia, as it turned out).
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