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December 2012 Writing challenge: Gift of a Lifetime

Dear Readers,

This is a posted entry in the December 2012 Writing Challenge 'I have imagined this moment for so long' by Cobalt Frost. The next post will give an abstract of the story. The story begins in Post #3.

Two points I must acknowledge immediately:

1. I am over 10,000 words. If Cobalt is 'frosty' over this, please let me know! I will heat things up until the story is molded in its proper density.

2. I took the theme/prompt a little off the beaten track, but I believe I brought it back at the end. Again, if I am out of bounds in the opinion of the referee I won't throw a challenge flag asking for a review!

As a bonus for your entertainment:

I have written two Endings to the story, each hidden in the final posts of the story. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on which one is better for the story and the subject. I have my favorite, let me know which one you prefer and why.

Please give me your opinions and comments.

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