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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

Wow. Why does no one get that this is simply an ongoing story arc that has been seeded and built for the past two years since Slott's run began? This isn't like "One More Day" or "One Moment in Time" where those were one shot stories that had long lasting ramifications. "Dying Wish" is yet one aspect of this story arc, we're not even been close to the ultimate pay off of this arc. This is just one phase of a much larger story. Basically similar to when Hickman "killed" Johnny in his FF run, we learned roughly a year later that Johnny wasn't dead at all (as the media falsely reported) but instead only thought dead by Ben because naturally that was his reaction at the time given the information he had and he returned. He was actually just stuck in the Negative Zone all that time.

Peter will be back, and it will be part of the unfolding story line. Part of the fun will be HOW he will return. I don't rule out the
just yet.
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