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Re: VOY Caption This 95; Beverage

Janeway: Okay, you can have some, if you promise not to tell the crew I got my replicator to make alcohol instead of synthehol.

Paris: I'm glad you decided not to put the timeline the way it was supposed to be after all. Now you and I can hang out in Paris.
Kim: I'll show you a picture of Libby and my new baby if you take off that fake uniform.
Paris: It helps me get girls.

B'elana: So Janeway demoted you for trying to save the environment on a water sphere, just a year after she saved the Borg from extinction?
Paris: I'm going to go steal a shuttle or something. Janeway's moral lectures are hilarious.

The crew suddenly remembered that Kes warned them about the Krenim. And all they can do is sit back and take a shot of whiskey.

Neelix suddenly realizes that all the women he'll see for the rest of his life find Talaxians completely unattractive.

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