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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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One reason digital downloads can never be a collector's item is because you don't actually OWN them. You only purchase a non-transferable license to read/listen to/watch them.


It became clear during the run-up to passage of the DMCA that publishers are really trying to move all media to a pay-per-view (pay-per-read, pay-per-listen) model. They want to make us consumers pay EVERY TIME we "enjoy" their product. Only a humongous consumer backlash prevented this from becoming reality.
Not all publishers. Perhaps you aren't aware that several months ago, Tor Books began making all its e-books (including my own Only Superhuman) available DRM-free, which, if I understand it correctly, means you do actually own it and can make a backup copy, lend it to a friend, etc.
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