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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Digital downloads are not much a collector's item.

When the set sells out, fans that were unaware of this CD release or were short of cash will be searching for these. I personally think it is a good investment. Even if See-BS decides to reissue the music in the future, it will likely not be the LA LA Land restoration. Hopefully, they made an agreement that the music would not be reissued for a certain time after the LA LA land release.
One reason digital downloads can never be a collector's item is because you don't actually OWN them. You only purchase a non-transferable license to read/listen to/watch them.

When I buy a paper book or a CD, I can read/listen until I grow bored with it, then sell it on eBay and possibly get some return on my investment. I can loan it to a friend, family member or co-worker, and possibly create a new fan for the creator(s).

Publishers of books, music and other media HATE this.

It became clear during the run-up to passage of the DMCA that publishers are really trying to move all media to a pay-per-view (pay-per-read, pay-per-listen) model. They want to make us consumers pay EVERY TIME we "enjoy" their product. Only a humongous consumer backlash prevented this from becoming reality.

But I'm not foolish enough to believe they've given up on this notion. I fully expect it to resurface in the future, and probably become law. At which point I'll stop "licensing" new media product and just enjoy the stuff I've already purchased.

But this is a very tangential issue to the subject at hand. I love this set beyond words! This is the best Xmess present I ever gave myself.

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