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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

3x7-Deadman Switch: Since I just saw the movie TED within the last week or so this episode was a welcome treat. It costars Sam Wilson(Flash Gordon) who had a sizable role in TED. Plus I enjoyed he episode. It had a Fett-light feel to it I suppose. I would enjoy seeing Wilson's bounty hunter again. Especially since he did the right thing at the end by faking their deaths and not turning over the SG team to the Gou'ald.

3x8-Demons: A modest episode. Was this supposed to be the same Unas we saw voiced by James Earl Jones in the Chariot of Thor episode(I think I'm right). Wasn't he killed if so? Or is Unas a race, like saying Gou'ald or To'kra? I was little let down I suppose cause like Jack said, "Wait you mean this world may have a Gou'ald posing as God God?" Which I thought might lead to a cool "What does God need with a starship"(variation on it anyway) one line zinger down the road by Jack. Exhibit A of why not to anticipate and just let it unfold I suppose.

3x9-Rules of Engagement: This episode bored me. I started checking email halfway though it. War Games conducted by teen males? Feels like a grunt assignment if you were the Gou'ald relegated to watching over this.
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