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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Information that is coming out later (a ship scale chart that probably won't be out for a month) suggests that Dommel's flagship is super huge. More so than I expected. Like nearly twice as long as Yamato.

He is also getting his saucer shaped SMITE ship later in the series.

We have still not seen the Battle Carrier redesign.

I am wondering what happens to his fleet. In the original he was just stripped of his command due to failure and the lose of Balan, yet his flagship and fleet were as far as we know, untouched by Yamato. Yet when he confronts them again, instead of 3,000 warships, he has five.
Upon investigation of the materials about the SMITE ship, I found something. The SMITE ship is the detachable bridge structure of Dommel's flagship. This indicates to me that he'll lose his flagship in combat with Yamato (along with a large part of his fleet), possibly because of the action at Balan. He gets home, is given another chance. Has what is left of his flagship fitted with the SMITE device and heads out with the remains of his fleet to engage Yamato one more time.
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