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Re: If big budget/shiny SFX space opera is out of the question...

A new TV series will be made based on CBS's interest in capitalizing on the brand-building work of Abrams et al. Since Bob Orci has said he's interested, he's going to be the one CBS gives the job to. Odds are strong that he's not going to suddenly turn his back on his own continuity.

So a new series isn't going to be anything odd like post-apocalyptic 22nd C Earth or an all-Klingon musical extravaganza. It will be something that the average person who liked Abrams movies will recognize as Star Trek.

The real open questions are: animated or live action? And what channel will it be on?

Stephen! wrote: View Post
Is it specifically a problem with Star Trek, or is American TV generally just more of a difficult climate for Sci-Fi shows today?
The climate for sci fi is strong, especially if you take a liberal view of the definition to include anything supernatural. I have a running thread for sf/f TV news and I see news about shows in development (most of which will never see the light of day of course) all the time.

Space opera in particular is a hard sell because it combines niche interest with pricey budget needs, but couldn't you say the same of Game of Thrones? (To put it into context, GoT gets about 4 million viewers, the same level that got ENT cancelled on UPN. Yet GoT is a solid hit for HBO. 4 million subscribers supports a much bigger budget than 4 million ad viewers.) And who would have predicted a violent zombie show would be artsy AMC's biggest hit?

I see this as a problem of matching Star Trek with the right channel. I could see Showtime rolling the dice on a Star Trek series, but it would have to be shaped to fit the Showtime audience expectations, and drop many elements that are more suited to broadcast but have become Trek traditions, such as the PG-13 approach and episodic structure.

Or, I could also see an animated series that appeals primarily to kids on The Cartoon Network. I also could see Netflix and CBS teaming up to do a revival for Netflix, that would most likely hit somewhere between the traditional TOS approach and what Showtime would do. The first question to answer is, where is it going to live? That will determine the details about content and format.

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