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VOY Caption This 95; Beverage

The weekend starts here with the latest caption contest!!!

This contest nearly didn't happen today after I bust open my lower lip and chin slamming hard whilst skateboarding a few hours ago... (curse you bs noseslashers!!!)

Damn things are still bleeding, but anyway moving away from all of that we move on to the winners of last week's contest...

Santa Kang wrote: View Post

EMH: Why is there a tattoo of the Vulcan word for "bitch" on your lower back?

JANWAY: Damn it, Tuvok said it meant "courage'"!!!
Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

It's my chick magnet.
It seems the polarity has been reversed.
Yeah. I know.
Finngle Bells wrote: View Post

Have you heard of the T'Pol Method?
Violet.Phoenix wrote: View Post

Harry: Ah Chapman...he turned me down too!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Vulcan wrote: View Post

EMH: "I'm sorry Neelix, it's bad news. That outfit is deader than plaid."

And now the special award:

TiberiusMaximus wrote: View Post

After Vorik put down his rock and B'Elanna put down her sword, they tried to kill each other like civilized people.



After a hard day's work, every crew member always goes for a beverage... Though sometimes they don't always get what they want... And this can have violent consequences...

Next caption contest 28th of December. Have fun!
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