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Re: Characters from the TV shows who should have appeared in the movie

inflatabledalek wrote: View Post
I was always surprised they didn't have Selar cameo in Nemesis to get all the main cast TNG actors in there. She could easily have been one of the Romulans killed at the start.
Please tell me you meant Sela and not Selar! I don't want Dr. Selar to turn out to be a Romulan or to get killed!

Garrovick wrote: View Post
I kind of wish they had brought back the villian from "Space Seed" - what was his name again? I bet they could have built a pretty decent movie about him.
Well, they did this ripoff of "Nemesis" with Judson Scott in it...

Personally I'm still trying to decide whether Bob Picardo's scene in "First Contact" counts as a character appearance.
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