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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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The tracks for the Man Trap, man they are depressing and tedious to listen to. It is fun just listening to the cues and scenes they were used for just pop into your head.

I don't know about depressing, but if by tedious, you mean repetitive, then yeah, I agree.

Of course, that still doesn't equate with "bad" in my opinion.

Tonight, I'll be listening to disk four of season two, the one that starts with "Meatmorphosis". I'm really looking forward to that since I've always loved that music. Last night was the disk that had my most favorite TOS episode, "Mirror, Mirror. I had already knew from reading the linear notes that it would only be a partial score, but the biggest surprise for me there was that the cue that opened that episode was missing. It's also the cue that opens the episode "Obsession", but it sure fits in with the rest of "Mirror's" music. I'm hoping I'll find it on the second of the season two library cues, since it wasn't on the first (also last night's disk) either.
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