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Re: The Body Electric just hit iBooks

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Why would you pay $8.99 when you can get the exact same eBook (just eight days later) for only $5.56? You've overpaid by $3.43. BooksOnBoard (with the 1% off for Google Checkout) has it for $5.56 in ePub. You can use Bluefire Reader to read it on your iPhone or iPad. Bluefire Reader supports Adobe Adept DRM that most ePub uses (BoB uses Adept). The thing is, Apple is still being stupid when it comes to eBooks. $8.99 is just ass backwards.

For those who use a Kindle to read eBooks, if you strip DRM, you can use Calibre to convert ePub to AZW3 or Mobipocket and be able to pay the lower prices.
...and go to prison
In the USA, stripping DRM for your own personal use is a grey area. There are exception(s) to the DMCA for stripping DRM from eBooks and then there is Fair Use. We do not know if Fair Use trumps the DMCA or not. So until it's ruled in a court of law that stripping DRM for personal use is illegal, it's going to remain a grey area. So please don't say it's illegal just like that when it's not yet decided. Besides, if I strip the DRM from an eBook for my own use, I'm doing nobody any harm.
The problem is you could buy an ebook, strip the drm and make a new copy and return the original for a full refund.
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