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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I was about to bitch slap you for giving Chrysalis a better grade than Take Me Out, until I noticed it was B5. So I take my bitch slap back. For now...

I really like the baseball episode, as it's a lot of fun seeing the hopeless Niners trying to help Sisko settle his old score. I think it suffers from being yet another fluff episode, yet I'd rank it higher than some of the iffy season six offerings. I'd rank it higher than Chrysalis too.

I'm not a fan of baseball either, but since the rest of the crew can't play, it doesn't seem to matter much. They're going to help their friend, and they all going have fun doing it. Odo as the umpire was an inspired choice, and I loved O'Brien making scotch-infused gum.

Romance of the week part 79423 is a strange one. It tries not to be a romance of the week, and yet has all the same trappings. I agree that it's a more mature take on the subject, yet the Bashir/Sarina pairing is a bit too dull to make me care. The episode is worth rewatching purely for more zany Zack Pack energy, and also for the cute Do Re Mi scene.
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