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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

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The Parasite tricked Superman into having sex with him for months. Nothing about rape was brought up then.
One of my most favourite lines in comics ever...

"Do you know how much I hate the smell of burning hair every morning?"

(Superman shaves using a curved polished section of the space ship which brought him to earth as a mirror and his heat ray vision.)

I think Kal was sleeping on the couch a lot during that adventure.

Remember during Infinite Crisis or Final Crisis and we were supposed to figure out that we were watching the wrong mirror Universe Lex Luthor go to war against herodom because his eye colour was green instead of blue?

Blatant clue my ass.

The Doctor in Voyager inserted himself into Seven of Nines body and then tried to express his love to another girl, but Seven when she was back in control was only furious about all the ice cream sundaes he had had her eat.
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