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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

And that's the way it should be, a good general education, resulting in a population that decided (for better or for worst) their society's own present and future. Not a special educational program to steer the population towards a future that involve switching over to a economic system that has never been tried on a large scale before, and has never been shown to work over a protracted period of time.

And certainly not a education system (where's this thing supposed to come from?) that indoctrinates the populace to surrender many of their personal possession, because "The Plan" dictates that they shouldn't want them. To leave their homes for a newly built city where the building are the same, there are no cars (too much individuality), they'll never be paid for their efforts.

Oh, and they'll have no say in their government, because "The Plan" will eventually take that away too. Can't have the People making decisions can we? they might choose to take another path, and anyone who doesn't agree with "The Plan" is stupid and has been educated to be stupid. Otherwise they would all agree with "the Plan."

The small group who controls the computers will be making the "correct" decisions for them.


People might occassionly make bad choices, but those choices are their's to make. The market economy we have today is just as imperfect as we are, but it works under a wide variety of situations, in bad times never has completely collapsed, has always recovered in time, and has worked for centuries.


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