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Re: First pic of Christine Vale?

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Seriously...why can't we have a proper Titan comic?
Probably the same reason we don't have DS9 or VGR or ENT comics -- they wouldn't sell well enough to be profitable. Only TOS and TNG seem to have large enough comics-reading audiences these days to be worth the investment.
The more basic reason we don't have DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise comics is that IDW hasn't licensed those series. (They did have a DS9 license, but it has reportedly lapsed without renewal.)
But aren't those just different ways of saying the same thing? Presumably IDW would have licensed those series if they believed it would be profitable to publish comics based on them -- and would've kept the DS9 license if the one DS9 comic they did had sold better.

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After all, comics have gotten more expensive these days, so it's not as easy to attract casual readers.
But Star Trek comics haven't, not in the time that IDW has held the license.[/quote]

I meant in comparison to a decade or two ago, like when DC, Malibu, and Marvel had licenses and we got DS9 and VGR comics.
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