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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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It's for a similar reason they didn't use the Abramsverse for this, Bad Robot would then have had direct supervision over the project.
Sounds like that may not have been a bad idea, considering the Product that was put out was apparently less than stellar
I doubt it would have improved the quality, especially when you look at the ongoing Abramsverse comic and the Nero comic series. And the less said about Countdown (which Orci developed the story for) the better. Bad Robot doesn't do quality control, they just make sure the comic's storyline doesn't interfere with what they want to do in the movies. Also, issues could have been constantly postponed simply because BR hasn't gotten around to approving the latest one yet (it happens all the time with YA Abramsverse novels).

And besides, trying to get the approvals of both CBS and BBC for this was bad enough, a third party wanting direct supervision would have unnecessarily complicated matters. Trust me, we should be thankful Bad Robot wasn't brought on board for this.
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