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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

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The 80's version ditched the host in favor of a voice over.
In fact, in the first season of the original show, Serling only did voiceovers intros and closings in the episode proper, only appearing on-camera at the end to deliver the preview for the next week's episode. The first time he appeared in the body of an episode was in a closing gag appended to the first-season finale, usually missing in syndication. The episode, "A World of His Own,"

Twilight Zone: The Movie also had voiceovers only, delivered by frequent TZ player Burgess Meredith.

On some level the revamped Outer Limits largely mined the same well as TZ. The original Outer Limits was more about creature features and weird Monsters/aliens where as TZ had the twist endings. Revamped OL borrowed alot of its ideas from TZ and took them to the next level. That the Outer Limits took the same route and ended up on TV for so long probably made it harder or the 3rd TZ to find its place.
Except that the OL revival was still more SF-oriented rather than fantasy. Basically the driving idea behind the Showtime OL, besides putting in lots of sexual content for pay cable, was a rather ferocious Luddism -- most of the stories were about the eeeevills of technology and the punishment of people who dared to Dabble in Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. Basically its philosophy was that we should never, ever try to learn anything new or improve our lives or do anything scientific at all because it will damn us. I hated that about it.

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Okay. They usually murder the concept. Is that better?
Not really, because it's still trivializing a horrific act. In general, it's an obnoxious hypberbole to talk about being disappointed in a work of fiction as if it were in any way comparable to a life-changing violent crime.

Odd question for you to ask, since you already know the answer. You're already on record as saying you didn't feel that the 80s network revival captured the original TZ vibe.
And I'm on record as saying that the following syndicated season did recapture that original vibe pretty well. Just because I didn't care for one or two specific attempts to revive it, that doesn't mean I think it's valid to say that it should never be tried again. Sure, by Sturgeon's Law, most attempts to revive an old series, like most attempts to do anything else in entertainment, will be disappointing -- but sooner or later there will be one that works. So if one or two attempts are disappointing, that's a reason to keep trying, not to stop trying.
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