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Re: Assassin's Creed III

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I really wish that games like this would do a better job of incorporating the side missions into the story. There needs to be more of an incentive to do them. In this game, I attempted to do side missions in the beginning, but I soon realized that they weren't helping me accomplish anything, so I stopped and just focused on the story. Much like the last game with the weird roof attacks, once you do the initial tutorial mission, you never have to do anything like that the rest of the game. Once you finish the story, you just end up back in the world with all this random crap to do.
Oh man, those rooftop tower defense mini-games were the WORST. So glad they removed them. Though you're right - the side missions really haven't ever given super compelling reasons to finish them unless you're an achievement whore or a completionist (which I am, unfortunately). This time around at least the ship side missions had their own story running within, but it wasn't at all necessary to the plot.

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And I'm annoyed that once again the damn thing ended on a cliffhanger.
Earlier games ended on a cliffhanger. This one... it is sequel bait, but they managed to wrap everything up and it feels like it would be a satisfying place to fall off the wagon.
I agree - it leaves the door open to more, but Desmond's story is over. He completed what he set out to do in AC1 and now it looks like they're just starting a new story thread.
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