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Re: Are you the 1701?

If real life that's probably true, but for entertainment purposes it's a bit of a dull explanation... It also doesn't fuel much debate. That it only rewards a single fan in every lot of 1701 is a bit pointless given the effort. You'd think there'd be greater reason than that, and rewards aren't all about prizes. You'd think learning new stuff about the storyline as you go along, is more what they'd aim for.

Previously I dismissed the April's Gatling Gun theory, as a prop needed in time for that particular month in question. That was production design sketch which caught somebody's eye at a press event.

And Peter Weller was caught off guard on a red carpet event once by Trekmovie, remarking "do I look like an alien?" plus that he had a ship. A photo of his kid sat in the Captain's Chair (like that of the Enterprise) on his phone was shown to the reporter in question.
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