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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Metropolis Kansas

Clark was working on an expose’ for the Daily Planet, when he got a call from Chloe.

“Clark, are you watching this? Get to a TV now!”

Clark turns on the TV and gapes in horror – a group of men have been arrested by the FBI in Arizona. One of them looks exactly like Jason Teague. He calls back Chloe. “Hey Chlo – I am heading out there now, want to join me?”

“Tess wants us to cover the entire story, so yeah. Hey Clark! Put me down, ya big oaf!”

“Sorry, the only way was to literally bring you with me. We want to cover the story right?”

“Let me call Tess, she should know we’re here.”

After the guys had been able to set bail, and have the escort, the only thing to do was try to lay low and not give these guys a good reason to throw them in jail. They took the men back to the motel.
Bobby told them that he had a call to make.

Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop looked at the guys. Olivia started talking. “You will be allowed to live your lives as best as you can within certain limits. First, we want to know your whereabouts at all times. Second, we expect you to cooperate with all of our orders. And lastly, you need to –"

“Sorry for interrupting, but we have a situation. My contact is about to come over. He knows the situation, but something is off with him.”

“Is he dangerous?”

“Define Dangerous, yes, if provoked he can be ruthless.”

“Who are you people,” asks Peter.

“It’s like we said, we’re hunters of the Supernatural. Bobby used to hunt – but he’s stuck at the moment until we can get him out of that chair,” says Dean.

Walter chose that moment to speak up, “You mean to say that you have the power to allow him to walk again?”

“Well not us, particularly, but a Demon, yes. We do,” says Sam.

“That is fascinating, isn’t it, Astro?”

Dean makes a face, “Who’s, Astro?”

“I am, but my name is Agent Astrid Farnsworth, he just never gets it right. And yes, if what they say is true it is a miracle they are alive.”

Agent Rossi decided to speak. “Well, we can talk about this another time. We just got a call; we are needed at the airport, because a case has come up. We will be back in a few days.”

“We can take care of them,” Olivia said.

Rossi and the others leave, and within a few minutes there is a knock on the door.

Agent Dunham went to the door. “Identify yourself.”

“Noah Bennett, you identify yourself.”

“Special Agent Olivia Dunham, FBI.”

“Noah Bennett, Torchwood 4, Primatech Company.”

At the mention of Torchwood, her eyes got wide and she mouthed Torchwood to Bobby, impressed. He nodded. Let him in, he gestured.

Olivia opened the door and there was the man who haunted her dreams since her childhood – the man in the horn-rimmed glasses.
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