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Re: Are you the 1701?

They'll have already passed 1701 signatures I'd imagine.

I don't know. My theory would fit the detonate the fleet (whatever that means) and all it stands for. There's that starship crashing into SF bay. Talk of a villain from within Starfleet who has returned and wants vengeance. Doesn't have to be a crew member from an Enterprise history forgot of course... But there has to be some reasoning behind asking the question posed by the domain name. We know one of the writers, Bob Orci, is obsessive about conspiracies of all sorts. You have a site asking "Are you the 1701?", directed there onscreen as an easter egg, from the trailer itself and I think it's right to have some slight suspicion of motive.

And there's generally some in-universe narrative even to the trivial stuff. Whole backstory in the alt universe bios on the old site... U.S.S. Kelvin and Abramsprise characters, with Admiral Archer having been Scotty's teacher at the Academy, which always seemed too much of a stretch to me. He'd have a lot of engineering background, due to having a family connection and having worked on Starfleet's early warp programs, but becoming an expert on transporters too? He was close to Emory Ericksson, so I guess that's possible... providing he's non-too decrepit.
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