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Re: So... where next?

Well I didn't say that Disney will reboot BSG but that BSG always tows on SW's fame. I mean just think about it: BSG was made as a copy of Star Wars and then many years after when Phantom Menace and War of The Clones was being released Richard Hatch started doing trailers for BSG reboot which then led to nuBSG.

And then after it all Blood and Chrome was made and bunkered somewhere in cellars of SyFy's building that everybody already wrote it off from ever seeing light of day. Until there was this big news that Disney is buying SW and everybody started talking about SW that (and I repeat) all of a sudden Blood and Chrome was starting to air on youtube and then it will be on SyFy. I mean it is a quite a coincidence considering it's past. So where ever is Star Wars BSG is near and if SW hit big on screens I bet you'll see BSG being re-made again all of a sudden.
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