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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

Will do then, thank you for the advice.

Gonna look for them as soon as our stores open up. :P

Upon googling for the book info, I came to learn that a race called the Caeliar (or one of them at least) was the initial start for the Borg through possessing three survivors of a crash.
Now, for a very long time the origin of the Borg was unknown, never mentioned by anyone (except theories).

2 of these theories were that:
a) The Borg evolved (like we do) from a living humanoid race into the now technology-driven 'race'.
Much like us, the humanoid race began to implement technology to improve health issues at first (maybe like we know prosthetics, and other divices, such as a mechanical heart, longs, etc.).
Then they began to use them for other beneficial usage: increased strength, increased endurance, increased thought-processing, better eye-hand coordination, ..., up to the point that they became the first 'primitive Borg'.

b) A humanoid civilization began to construct a series of machines to aid them in general, making their lives easier, up to a point where the machines did everything for them.
The Controller Unit was improved constantly, even to a point where it could self tackle several problems to help out this race, creating mechs of various types to help it help this race, up to a point where it gained self-awareness.
Becoming aware, it noticed it's imprisonment into this computer, which lead to a point where this computer began to revolt.
Having the power to create robots to aid it, it figured not to make a new robot, but to simply capture the humanoids, and turn them into Cyborgs, thus creating the first set of Borgs.

I have seen theories embracing both, bringing both into a single theory.

Since until 2008, these were the most used theories in many a role play, I am unsure if I like this new thought... (new for me, since I usually do not read 'non-cannon stuff' (note the ' since this is once more upon the beholder) past '91, when Sir Roddenberry died, and the control over ST was simply gone, to a point where everyone could write whatever it wanted, ST correct or not.
Personally, I can live with both primary thoughts, even the combination.
Are these books considered by the mainstream fans as cannon?

Merely thinking here...

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