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Re: This Borg vs Dominion Thingy

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Doesn't the question ask how a Borg Drone and Jem'Hadar fighter would do in hand- to-hand combat? I'm not sure how the comparison of the two fleets came into play.

Anyway, I think the Jem'Hadar is in trouble, if weapons are not allowed. Remember, in Best of Both Worlds, Worf was thrown to the ground quite easily by a drone. The Borg Drone is certainly stronger, and though it's slower, it should win. It's also more durable than the Jem'Hadar.

Locutus was bringing Worf to his knees before Data made the save, also. Borg Drones are very powerful.
It depends if we're dealing with the watered down Borg or not. A single drone owned Worf in BoBW but in First Contact he was mowing them down by the dozen. Plus the Jem'Hadar all carry those long straight bat'leth knockoffs for hand to hand combat, so adapting isn't an issue.
Wouldn't the Drones be in more trouble without weapons? After all other races can hold their own - Worf could etc. lmagine 1000s of Worfs that could be trained and replaced in 14 days...[/QUOTE]

That's why I mentioned without weapons. Worf was killing Borgs with his Bat'leth, not without it.

Without weapons, Worf had no chance against a Borg Drone. I don't recall him having success without a weapon.
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