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Re: U.S.S. Whachamacallit

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before. My engineer character names his ships in honor of notable Star Trek directors, writers and ship designers.

USS Fontana, Constitution Class (D.C. Fontana, Writer, TOS)
USS Barret, Type-8 Shuttle (Majel Barret, Actress, TOS & ST:TNG)
USS Meyer, Miranda Class (Nicholas Meyer, Director, The Wrath of Khan)
USS Piller, Stargazer Class (Michael Piller, Writer, ST:TNG)
USS Echevarria, Galaxy Class (Rene Echevarria, Writer, ST:TNG and ST: DS9)
USS Eaves, Sovereign Class (John Eaves, Ship Designer, Sovereign class)
USS Behr, Regent Class (Ira Steven Behr, Executive Producer, ST: DS9)
USS Wolfe, Galor Class (Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Writer, ST:TNG & ST: DS9)
USS Sternbach, Delta Flyer (Rick Sternbach, Ship Designer, Intrepid, Delta Flyer, Nova, Prometheus, Vor'Cha, Negh'Var, Galor)
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