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Re: Mayan Apocalypse

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For those too thick to figure out that the world isn't ending in the next 24 hours (as opposed to those having fun with the meme, as we all do)... Well, the 144000-day Mayan calendar has ended twelve times previously (the one ending tomorrow is the 13th), & the world is still here... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say on December 22d the 14th calendar will start. just like a new western calendar starts every January 1st. And the changes between Julian and Gregorian calendars hadn't happened - but, then again, the whole "doomsday prophecy" thing was made up by a gold-digging German junkie in a trashy wannabe-Castaneda paperback in 1975. And not by the Mayans...
Actually, I won't know with certainty that the world isn't going to end until after the next 24 hours has passed. Then again, I'm not worried about the Earth. I'm convinced she'll survive as she has for billions of years. I'm more worried for the billions of people and all other life forms inhabiting the Earth. But if the whole "doomsday prophecy" idea was conceived of long after those darned Spanish Conquistadors all but did the Mayans in, then I'll be cheering on December 22nd at 12:00 PM (or I'll wait until after I get up the next day). Until then, I'll be praying for the me and the rest of the 6 and a half billion other people on this planet before going to sleep.

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And I don't think it is a good idea to treat apocalypse rudely. Please refrain from doing so, to avoid jinxing things for everyone. Maybe if we're courteous, it will turn around and leave.
Ah, shit! I knew that posting on TrekBBS was bad for me, but I had no idea. Hey everyone, sorry for the whole destroying the Earth and killing everyone you love thing by making a joke about sleeping in. My bad. Forgive me?
Actually, the bad part was using the word "stupid" and the f-word, and apocalypse in the same sentence. I think we should be more worried about nature forgiving us. I know I am.

But I'll tell you what: if tomorrow passes by without a hitch, you can consider yourself forgiven. I'm just thinking that since we are probably all but helpless to stop any disaster tomorrow physically, maybe we can prevent it spiritually instead, by being nice, courteous, and well behaved. The way I see it, it can't hurt!
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