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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

The thing with "Relevant General Knowledge"

with the latest scientific knowledge
Scientific Methodology

Who gets to determine what falls into that loaded term?
Jacques Fresco has his ideas.

I'm sure many educators around the world along with parents have other ideas of what should be taught.
Including religious folk for propagating religion.

I'm going to be honest.
I grew up in a Buddhist family.
I myself don't believe in any religion.
As far as I'm concerned, religion is just a tool for mass control of people in terms of behavior / beliefs /etc.
I believe that logic / facts / scientific methodology / objective reasoning / etc is the key to making humanity better, but that's my PoV.

The scientific method is taught at most schools to my understanding.

Scientific knowledge is available for all to consume thanks to the internet.

Whether you choose to learn it and apply the scientific method to your life / thinking is a matter of choice.

Forcing people to think a certain way has never gone down well in history.

People never like to be coerced or brain washed into anything.

Especially with a very cynical society, a person needs to individually analyze and understand your proposals / ideas, then figure out if it's worth it for them as a person to accept your said proposals / ideas.

Personally I like some aspects of TVP, not all of it.

I have plenty of complaints that I don't agree with.

But if TVP & Jacques Fresco can be flexible with his concepts / ideals, then it stands some chance of succeeding, not a large one mind you, but some chance.

I still think my earlier post about how he can succeed is far more realistic than every group on earth suddenly giving up and revolting against their government.

But that's me and my opinions.
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