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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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Maybe the cops read the same bullshit unsourced racist statistics about black people being genetically predisposed to violence that you did. You know, the ones that you said no one dares talk about yet you decided to grace us with anyway?
Nothing about genetics. That's your reflexive implication, but the police read the same statistics, since the FBI and DOJ spend so much time compiling and publishing them, with lots of fancy charts and graphs and everything, so the police and everybody else can read them, like this one:
Homicide Trends in the US.

Some demographics are around 1 per 100,000 or less, and some demographics have at times topped 300 per 100,000. Everyone in law enforcement and academia knows all about it, and a lot of government programs and policy try to address it. One effect is sending tens of thousands of blacks to jail for years for nothing but weapons violations, because they're generally under much closer scrutiny than white folks in the suburbs.

Weapons Offenses and Offenders

For every guy in Vermont who gets busted, 500 people in DC go to jail.

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I used to own ten or twenty unregistered guns.
I wouldn't even know how to go about registering them. It would be like trying to register a tricycle or washing machine or something. We just don't do that here.
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