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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

It's in very poor taste to use something as horrible and traumatizing as rape as a metaphor for something as fundamentally harmless as reinterpreting a work of fiction in an unsatisfying way. We really need to wipe out that idiom.

And really, what concept? It's an anthology! It's a different concept every week! What is there for a purist to get up in arms about? There are no lead characters to be reinterpreted, no continuity to be rewritten. It's just a format, a genre, a title, and a theme tune. How do you "leave alone" an entire format or an entire genre? Sure, you could try doing a fantasy/SF anthology under a different name, but when it's been tried in recent years, it's always flopped quickly. (Anyone remember Welcome to Paradox or Masters of Science Fiction?) Any fantasy anthology is going to be likened to TZ anyway, so why not actually make it TZ? If it works, if the name recognition helps a worthwhile anthology series (since one of them is bound to be worthwhile one of these days, and Bryan Singer's as likely to make it work as anyone) get a better chance of success, then I say go for it!
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