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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

All men lie to get women into bed. If she believes the lie it's fraud but it's not date rape, and it's not even fraud until after she finds out about the lie. If she doesn't figure out the lie, then from her perspective nothing rapey or fraudulent happened. This is why good girls and boys wait till their wedding night.

Have you met Barney Stinsen? Everything out of that (fictional/imaginary) man's mouth to a woman is a lie, and even after they find out that he's not an astronaut or they didn't just meet his time travelling 60 year old self minutes earlier who claims the world will end if "she" doesn't sleep with young Barney... I can't believe any one in the real world would fall for that who isn't already too drunk to walk.

There was an episode of Ally McBeal where a guy masquerading as a female online friended a girl he liked in real life, in a chatroom to find out what her perfect man was like, and then he emulated all that intelligence to dazzle her into bed, which is why she charged him with fraud rather than rape even though "consensual" sex happened because of his duplicitous data-mining.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was super pissed that Riley didn't know that Faith had bodyswitched with her when Faith slept with him in Buffys body, but Riley wasn't miffed that he had been raped, in fact he made it so much worse, some thing like "I thought it was you it was just bodies, I didn't know" which had Buffy wonder/ask "Is that all I am to you? A body? Don't you care who I am inside? Or am I just a slab of meat your penis plays with?" ...Or words to that effect.

If a tree in the forest is raped and no one is there to hear it, is it really raped?

Remember when Kai Winn Figured out that she had been sleeping with the magically disguised Spacehitler Gul Dukat? Remember when Kira figured out that all those sexual advances from Spacehitler Gul Dukat hadn't at all been sexual advances and that he had always secretly been her ever proud step father? What would you rather do with with Space Hitler? Boff him a couple times or pick out fathers day presents for SpaceHitler for the rest of your life?

I don't even want to get into Stargate Universe and their magic body swapping stones and how every one was just abusing sexually their borrowed bodies. Hell, the Capitan made a successful run at his exwife who hates him because she couldn't recognize him hiding inside naked Lou Diamond Philips.

Kelly From the English superhero series Misfits had sex with a Gorillia that had been magically and temporally turned into a human being. She wasn't too happy about that.

Two and a half men right now! Right Now. Billionaire Waldon "Ashton Kutcher" Schmit, tired of women falling in love with him for his billions creates an alternate persona of a poor guy, Sam Wilson (The guy from House, or the falcon, Captain America's best friend.) so that he can date Brooke D'Orsay a shop girl in an outlet who is struggling to make ends meet before Christmas and kinda supporting his layabout lifestyle... There's going to be a reckoning there.

MegaMind (fabulous animated movie with Tina Fey and Will Farrel). Lois Lane and and Lex Luthor (Brainiac?) are doing it behind Superman's back because he's pretending he's not pure evil from underneath a holographic civilian disguise.

Lana Lang from Smallville fell in love with and moved in with Bizarro Superboy (for at least a month) because she thought it was that Jerk Clark who until right now could never accurately express his feeling to her.

Lionel Luthur from Smallville too, body slid into Clark Kent and then with all his youth and raging cum, decided to express his undying love for Martha Kent, the mother of young Superboy.

Any Meg Ryan movie.

Back to Spider-Man.

Mary Jane was traumatized from what Venom did to her in Spider-Man 300, I mean it was please burn all your black suits Peter... And I must not be remembering correctly but all he did was have a conversation with her which technically counted as kidnapping be it ever so brief?
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