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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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^Please you aren't comparing someone over dosing (self inflicted) to someone going on a shooting spree are you?
Of course not. El Chapo often has the Sinaloa henchmen use mass decapitations instead of shootings (his wife is a babe, btw). In the US we have about a thousand drug homicides a year, and about 17,000 or so people die from using those drugs, which are banned, of course. If a problem that large can continue in spite of a total ban and intense police focus, throwing a million people in jail, do you really think a ban would work?

These spree shootings, btw, kill about fifty or so a year, far less than the round off errors in the drug homicide estimates.

And most gun laws are state controlled aren't they? So one in theory could buy a gun in a less restrictive state. So one solution might be to make a Federal issue rather than a state issue.
The problem there is that Heller vs DC says that people have a constitutional right to have a commonly used gun for self-defense, and that it must be usable, with no freaky requirements. Another problem is that many state constitutions go further in protecting such rights. In my state, it's uconstitutional to even question the right of the people to bear arms for defense of themselves, and we just added a new provision guaranteeing their right to hunt with traditional weapons like rifles and shotguns.

So you are saying that there are 250million unregistered guns in the US? After all if guns were banned, law enforcement would just have to pull up details of registered weapons and collect them as per the law.
Probably. I used to own ten or twenty unregistered guns.
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