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Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes

To be fair, they DO run and point guns a lot. They're basically a SWAT team, with negotiating capacity built in. I'm going through the series from the start right now (halfway through the second season now - at the episode where... Lew... *choke*) and this really was a fun, very Canadian show to watch. Only without much of the passive-aggressive attitude, politeness, or self-deprecating humor we're known for.

However, while they don't explicitly hide the fact they were in Canada, in the first few years they never draw attention to it. Aside from the fact the CN Tower is prominently seen in most establishing shots for most episodes, for the most part you barely glimpse the little maple leaf flags on their uniforms, and the crown or other judicial giveaways are almost never mentioned. Sam was from JTF2, our military counter-terrorism unit, which was explicitly mentioned in the pilot. However unless you KNEW what JTF2 was, anyone could mistake it for some American unit. Likewise, Lethbridge, Red Deer or other Canadian city names they dropped could be mistaken for Anytown USA. They even send someone to a "Timmies" in one episode, which any Canadian will know, but it's phrased such that it could be any coffee shop.

In the third season onwards they really relaxed their policies and allowed more Canadianisms into the show. Maple leaf flags were now larger, and in red and white (instead of tiny and grey); the police cruisers became the ACTUAL ones they use in Toronto (albeit with the word "Toronto" above "POLICE" painted over), etc. AFAIK, it's only in the final season that they explicitly mention IN DIALOGUE that they were in fact based in Toronto.

And dang, they really had fun with the police gadgets in the early seasons! There were explosive entry devices, rolling camera balls, and epoxy-shooting guns for guys holding grenades! They even featured an Isreali-built "cornershot" weapon in one episode that mounted a Glock pistol in an articulating frame, which in concert with a mini video on the frame could shoot around corners. In later seasons they used fewer gadgets but high-tech crimefighting stuff was always a fun part of the show.

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