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Re: Should ENT have used the "EM pistol" longer in the show?

They managed to fix that slightly in Season 3, when the MACOs came onboard. They had rifles which I assume wouldn't have been Starfleet issue. The front of the barrel resembled the EM-33 but were longer, and held from under the shoulder.

That moment in the pilot with Archer giving covering fire, a pistol in each hand, was a particularly cool moment. Nothing screams sci-fi prequel better than a lack of beams, and projectile like bolt weaponary that ricochets, recoils and occasionally misses.

Of course, once we were shown aliens with more more advanced tech were accustomed from Voyager backwards...

It was a shame they lost that original away team jacket too. Those vivid blue ones in a quilted leather.

They reappeared, worn by the crew during "Oasis" and then gone... in favour of the dull grey canvas-looking ones.
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