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Re: Characters from the TV shows who should have appeared in the movie

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There really should have been a Q movie.
I consider "All Good Things" to be the Q movie. It was certainly a hell of a lot better written than every single TNG film.
Yeah, this. I feel rather strongly that Q would've been best left alone in his appearances in TNG (ie. ditch "Q-Less" and the Voyager episodes). There was a certain epic poem-quality to his arc in TNG. His last appearance in "All Good Things" should have been his last appearance, period. (Just as the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie should have been the last one, period.) After that, it would've felt cheap.

And "All Good Things" definitely should count as a TNG film for these purposes.

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I vote Sela, even if just to be one of the Rommies killed in NEM (it would have been a nice way of getting all the original TNG cast back onscreen for their last outing), while Tomalak could have been on Donatra's ship.

I don't particularly care for Lore but he might have made more sense in NEM than B/4.
That's exactly what they should've done with Sela. Brief cameo, nothing crazy. But would've allowed a full reunion of the cast and made for a nice little continuity Easter egg.

I see your point about Lore, but I feel B-4 was a stronger character for the story. Data already went through the trauma of finding Lore, discovering that he's evil, and then eventually being forced to deactivate (kill) him. That was a great character arc, and it would've been cheapened by bringing him back in NEM. Also, keeping B-4 allowed an implicit parallel with the Lore arc: Data finds a brother and is eventually forced to deactivate him, but for different reasons. Also, knowing Soong made more than two functioning androids increasing the mystery, and I like that.
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