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Captain Checkov
Re: Top Ten Worst Episodes?

1. The Children Shall Lead. This is something my 2nd grader would have written. Pump your fist a few times to induce hallucinations and take over a spaceship. Yeah right.
2. Mark of Gideon. This episode makes no sense on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. So I'll just end it here.
3. The Way to Eden. We all know the issues here.
4. Miri. When you wish the kids to be vaporized by phasers, there is a serious problem.
5. Shore Leave. The segment with Finnegan was unbearable. Why didn't the keeper show up at the beginning to explain what was going on? I mean, WTF?
6. Requiem for Methuselah. A whole episode so they could reuse Nomad again. Also, about the 5th episode they need to transport drugs for some outbreak. Kirk blows off how many women, but finally falls in love with an android. You can't make this stuff up---oh but someone obviously did.
7. Plato's stepchildren. I'd rather spend time in an Iraqi prison than watch Spock sing and dance to tweedledee again.
8. Squire of Gothos. Star Trek's Jar Jar Binks.
9. For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky. Rehash of the Paradise syndrome except McCoy marries instead of Kirk.
10. The Apple. Dumb and unwatchable.
11. Operation Annihilate. They didn't bother testing a different spectrum??? Spock deserved to be blinded if he is that stupid. (Not to mention, their solution contradicts an earlier statement in which they did try "radiation.")
12. The Enemy Within. I thought Kirk was about to have sex with his opposite.
13. By Any Other Name. They run out of that cave knowing Rojan is standing right there? What a bunch of idiots. After Rojan is defeated, Kirk calls him a friend even though Rojan just dehydrated to death a female crew member?
14. Light of Zetar. Bad, bad, bad, bad.
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