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Re: So... where next?

I'll get around to watching B&C sooner or later but for me, BSG is pretty well over. I have no real desire to see more from that universe.

I do want to see more space opera/adventure. I think Starz has the right idea in the series they're working on that sounds heavy on the action/military elements. SyFy should be thinking along those lines, or maybe greenlight RHW's show, which sounds like a TOS throwback.

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And don't forget Star Wars because SW always had to do the first step and even now the moment it was announced that Lucas is selling it to Disney the "Blood And Chrome" was all of a sudden released. So when SW hits the big screen there might be happening something to BSG as well.
Star Wars is a massive brand name. Disney doesn't care about small potatoes like BSG.

I could see Singer's (presumably) more action focused and ethically simplistic reboot gaining traction at the box office and becoming a movie franchise.
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